Italia in campo contro l’omofobia 2023 Awards

Applications for the second edition of “Italia in campo contro l’omofobia AWARDS”


“The most LGBTI+ Inclusive” SPORTING CLUB

Juventus Motivation:
Valentine’s Day Campaign 2023 – CELEBRATING LOVE WITHOUT DISTINCTIONS! – There are Manuel and Thessa, Linda and Lisa, Cecilia and Marco. There are their stories, which are first and foremost stories of great love: their own, but also the love that binds all the protagonists to the black and white colors. Because if there are two colors in our lives, this year our Valentine’s Day is more colorful than ever: it’s a hymn to love without distinctions, to a world where anyone is free to love universally and unconditionally. It’s “Celebrate Love With Pride!” Today, but not only today, we want to remind everyone, as we did last June, that for us, Bianconeri, it is also important to be #MoreColorfulTogether. We do this with “Stories of A Great Love”: a campaign and a video in which three couples that you surely know share their experiences, both as a couple and as Juventus supporters.

AC Milan Motivation:
On May 17th 2023, AC Milan posted on its social media channels pro LGBT-content reaffirming the team’s clear stance on the civil rights of the LGBTI+ community in Italy.

Cagliari Calcio Motivation:
Customized playing jersey with Rainbow colors around the team’s logo for the International Day Against Homophobia 2023, worn during the subsequent Sunday’s match. The captain wore the rainbow armband as well.

Udinese Calcio Motivation:
Customized playing jersey with Rainbow colors for the International Day Against Homophobia 2023.

Delta Volley Porto Viro Motivation:
For this season, the libero’s official uniform was dedicated to civil rights.

Trastevere Calcio SSD Trastevere Calcio Motivation:
Participation in the initiative of the Amateur League in collaboration with Arcigay and GayNet ‘Il pallone contro L’omofobia’ May 2023. The club made its facilities available for shooting videos for the initiative.

Varese Basket Motivation:
Photographic exhibition in collaboration with Arcigay Varese for the International Day Against Homolesbobitransphobia.

“The most LGBTI+ Inclusive” ATHLETE

Alex Meret Motivation:
After Jankto’s coming out, Alex Meret immediately and publicly expressed his support. They were teammates at Udinese.

Jacopo Guarnieri Motivation:
Jacopo Guarnieri rode with a rainbow bracelet to support LGBTQI+ rights during the Giro d’Italia from May 6th to May 29th, 2022.

Federico Bernardeschi Motivation:
During a television program on Rai, ‘Il circolo dei mondiali,’ he stated, “I’m making this gesture because I colored my hand with the rainbow symbol. Civil rights, freedom of expression, and the freedom to choose one’s beliefs are inviolable.”

Alex Di Giorgio Motivation:
During his participation in the program ‘Ballando con le stelle,’ he had a significant moment by coming out.

Giorgio Minisini Motivation:
Interview in La Stampa: Paris 2024, for the first time, the new synchronized swimming opens to men. Always a supporter of civil rights in sports. As a heterosexual, he has always highlighted the homophobia he has faced.

Claudio Marchisio Motivation:
During an interview with La Stampa on May 12, 2023, he stated: “In 2023, the denial of an essential right like equality is no longer acceptable in any form. Marriage equality is one of those steps we must take.”

Marco Tardelli Motivation:
Marco Tardelli, interviewed on “Mezz’ora in +” on Rai3, stated: “A World Cup played in the wrong place and at the wrong time. Everything that has come out in the newspapers this week was already known. Respecting human and civil rights is more important than winning a World Cup or achieving records in one’s career.


Alessandra DeStefano Motivation: During the 2022 World Cup in Qatar, in a live broadcast on Rai2 while hosting the program ‘Il circolo dei mondiali,’ she condemned the lack of civil rights and consistently supported the LGBTQI+ community.

Riccardo Cucchi Motivation: Author of an article dedicated to the management of the 2022 World Cup in Qatar in December 2022, emphasizing the importance of human and civil rights.


Runaway ASD Motivation:
May 2023 outing dedicated to the fight for civil rights against homophobia: “A Team Full Of Pride.”

All Tri Sports Motivation:
Outing dedicated to the International Day Against Homophobia: “When you look at things with your heart, everything magically becomes colorful!”

Mariella Dileo Bergamo Walking Motivation:
Dedicated the May excursions of the ‘La via delle sorelle’ route, Bergamo Brescia capitals of culture 2023, to the fight against homo-lesbo-bi-trans-phobia.

“The most LGBTI+ Inclusive” CHEERING SECTION

Lazio e Libertà APS Motivation:
During the 2022 World Cup in Qatar, Lazio Libertas aimed to display a banner saying ‘No al mondiale del sangue’ (No to the World Cup of Blood), with the consent of S.S. Lazio, but the Rome Police opposed.