Sports Scholarships

Sports Scholarships

On July 3, 2019, Arcigay launched a sports scholarship coinciding with the beginning of the UNIVERSIADE in Naples – STOP HOMOPHOBIA IN SPORTS.

Arcigay, on the occasion of such an important event taking place in Naples from July 3 to 14, announced a scholarship of €1,000 for all graduating students, aiming at rewarding the best thesis on the following topics. Arcigay believes it is essential to analyze topics relating to the daily existences of people operating in the sporting sector in Academia.

To take part in the scholarship selection procedure, candidates are requested to transmit their applications via email ( to Marco Arlati, the “Sports Affairs Coordinator” of Arcigay and elected member of the national Executive Board of Arcigay, selecting one of the following topics covered or to be addressed in their thesis:

  • -Hatred, Homophobia, and Transphobia in Sports
  • -Diversity Management and Equality Standards in Sports Organizations
  • -Coming Out in the Italian Sports World

The scholarship would be provided after the discussion of the best thesis which had been previously been selected by an internal selection committee of Arcigay in its corresponding graduation session. 

Arcigay publicly thanked Agedo Marche for its continuous collaboration in projects related to these issues for the past two years.

Additionally, Arcigay opened a special section on the map of Italian LGBTI+ sports organizations dedicated to Academia, aiming to provide visibility to all LGBTQI+ university students who engage in sports activities. (Link to view the map: